Not so Happy Canada Day

On this Canada Day, I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness as opposed to the usual unconditional pride I have felt in the past. Truth is, I just don’t feel good about where this country is heading. I was proud to be Canadian when: charities were not victims of witch-hunts   Canada created […]


Mass Murder: It Must Stop!

I’m breaking the silence because the non-sense has to stop. In the minutes following the news of the horrible shooting in at an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut where 20 children were shot by a nutcase who, as they always do, turned the gun on himself, my Twitter feed was flooded by comments debating guns […]


Moderating a Forum: Lesson 101

Most people have visited a message board at one time or another in their life. The vast majority has never posted anything at all, preferring just to view rather than contribute their ideas and thoughts. Most of the members that have contributed have posted useful input to discussions, which are valued by many of the […]

Hockey topics

Open letter to Geoff Molson

As the talks are stalling and the threat of a lockout become more and more of a reality, fans are left wondering where they stand in the big picture, keeping some hope that somewhere, someone is working for them behind the scene in this battle between millionaires and billionaires. We, as fans, understand that the […]


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